Picnic Starter Pack

A vintage-inspired picnic with heels can be a charming and unique experience.
Here's a guide on how to create a delightful vintage picnic setting while incorporating stylish heels.

Choose a vintage-inspired outfit to set the tone. Dresses from the 1940s or 1950s with floral patterns or polka dots could be a great choice.Β 

Style your outfit with these ideas

Certainly! Let's go with a versatile and stylish outfit that can work well with different types of shoes. This way, you can choose the pair from your collection that suits your preference and the occasion. Here's a classic and chic outfit idea.

Select a picnic blanket with a vintage pattern or bring a lace tablecloth to spread over the picnic area. Add a touch of nostalgia with vintage-inspired dΓ©cor like antique teacups, mismatched plates, and retro napkins.

Pack your picnic goodies in a vintage-style picnic basket. Look for a wicker basket with a classic design or one adorned with retro prints.

Heels that were popular during the vintage era you're drawing inspiration from.

For example, kitten heels are classic choices. Consider colors like cream,

and brown.

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